About Us

Our story all began when we lost our golden retriever Benji to cancer. Benji was a rescue dog who came from a difficult home. Nevertheless we wanted to give him the love and life he deserved. This is where Panda Jewels was set up, out of a desire to give back to other animals in need. We want women to accessorise with timeless pieces and give back to animals at the same time.
That's why we decided that with every purchase, a percentage goes towards an animal charity.

Our mission is to provide timeless and affordable jewellery, allowing you to help animals in need. We promise for every sale of our jewellery we will donate a portion of the proceeds to animal charities. Our mission is to ensure that a portion of our profits are spent on animal welfare.

Benji was a crucial part of my childhood and the day he passed was one of the worst days I have ever had. It reminded me of how valuable all animals are to human beings and I started to think of ways to honour him and give back to Animals all around the world. I want to keep his memory alive through a good cause to help other animals great and small.

Our Charity of Choice 

This Financial Year, we pledge to donate a portion of each sale to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). One of the biggest commitments we want to make to animals is to use the profits from our business to help out animals across the world starting by conserving their habitats.